As i havnt been Using My Camera obscura lately here are some 35Mm Photos i ve been doing (Laos, Bangkok Klongs)


Switching lens on the Papyrus

I ve been trying a different lense ( i took from my Photo enlarger )This one is with the Enlargers lens

That from the Original one


The Bluries the Burned and the Failed

Have been looking though my archives as i am trying to build myself a proper website ... And i found all those "bad photographs" . But there is somethings I still like in them so here their are ..

This guy is the Kite seller in The movie "the kite runner" , He has played in quiet a lot of movies ( specially Indian movies) ...

It s always Hard to take groups of kids as they are Moving and pushing you . The focus Changes all the time .

PCO shop
3 guys ...
Habib , best driver in Kabul.

Aurel and Alisa taking photograph

Ghazni stadium...

Qala e fattulah


Mom, Gardener and Tyremade Trash

The gardeners, nice guys.

Those street trash are made out of Recycled tyre , it s kind of cute ...
My Mom

As It s raining all the time , and it s really Unpredictable i haven't been Out yet with the camera ( wood Wouldn't like To be wet... Rumor has it the rain Gonna stop within a few week( after 5 month of rain , we cannot wait :) )


New (old) Camera

I ve been trying to use These Horizon camera I got from the Kabul bazaar, Unfortunately it's leaking quiet a lot...

Yosemite National park ...


Axel in the pinhole

Just got back from thailand, I met with axel, we played with the pinhole.


Some more Pinhole

I have been trying to take "close up" with the Camera obscura . Trying to get Shap textures . The good thing is that I dont have the Black vignette around .


Carrying the box

My friend Louis took that picture of me while wandering the street of asheqan wa arefan few minutes later we were followed by Hundreds of kids...
More in the kabul's streets


No scanner

Finally got Developer here, had a couple of photos from bamyan .. lots of them got burned during the trip back ( 9 hours of bumpy road...) . I dont have a scanner yet so those are just photos ...


Old ones

Shop keeper in Asheqan wa Arefan Pinhole photo

Kids in Mukhad khanee 35mm

Kid in Taimanee street 35mm (canon A1) ( That was the first time i devellopped a film )


a couple

I've developed some 35Mm.


Asheqan wa Arefan

Asheqan wa Arefan on the foot of the kabul wall