Fomapan 400@800

 A young prostitue

Make up 

Price of girls have dropped from 700 thb few month ago to 500 ...


Bangkok - Thailand

Lucky 100 developped in home made D76 >>

Water, 125F/52C750 ml
Metol2 g
Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous)100 g
Hydroquinone5 g
Borax (granular)2 g
Cold water to make1L

All shot with yashica t5 . Awesome simple point and shoot film camera !


Bike ride to the sea

I biked to Bang Khun Thian this week end. The road is so pleasant, reminded me of French countryside roads, plus the cold cofee sellers .


yashica T5

Shot with Yashica t5 ,on Lucky 100 Pushed @ 400- Developped in dektol 7:1-  7.5 minutes.