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“Kabul through a box” is a selection of photographs taken by Landry Dunand, using a traditional Afghan camera obscura.

A large wooden box with a hole and a lens, the camera requires no electricity and uses light-sensitive photographic paper to make negatives as well as positives.

Landry’s cameras once belonged to Kabul street photographers, who made passport-sized photos for Afghans filing documents with government offices.

He was so impressed by the technique and images of the camera obscura that he bought one and began documenting the people who live and work in the 
war-torn city.

In 2006, when Landry first arrived in Kabul for a two-year work stint, there were dozens of camera obscura photographers on the streets of Kabul.

By the time he returned for a two-month trip in 2010 – shortly after Kabul got reliable electricity and photographers turned to digital cameras – there were almost none left.

Landry explores this disappearing form of photography that requires seconds-long exposures and hours in the darkroom. Each image is unique.


(c) Sukchai Lalit

(c) Piyatat Hemmatat

All pictures are available for sale - Baryta paper (9.5inX6,5in)  - Series of 10 + 1 Artist proof . 
Contact me for Sales ( landrydunand(at)gmail.com)