Afghan Camera Project

Two friends Lukas Birk & Sean Foley are continuing their research on Afgan camera.
A great project : "... Now we want to go back to Afghanistan to meet more photographers and continue exploring box camera photography there on a bigger scale - and that means travelling to places we didn't make it to last year. We've got a publisher for a book but the publisher can’t cover our travel costs and Afghanistan with its inflated war economy is an expensive country to travel in so we’re trying to raise the money.
 After last year's trip we made all of our material available online at 
afghanboxcamera.com Our belief is that this research should be available to everybody. The website is full of photo galleries, portfolios, camera techniques, interviews and essays that tell the story of the cameras and photographers we met, as well as instructional videos like this one we filmed in Kabul to show you how to use the camera."


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